Pipe floats are made to keep pipelines afloat. The simple usage of our Flootzer pipe float givs pipes more buoyancy. The pipe floats made by Sailmaker De Wit are made of strong PVC. Because the floats are welded well together it can extend high pressure. At normal usage the pressure is negligible. When the temperature will rise the floaters will not collapse by expansion.

Inflatable pipe float

Using inflatable pipe floats saves you a lot of space. Once the Flootzers are deflated it will not take much space. At the workspace the floats can be inflated for immediate use. Due to our years of experience we can produce strong pipe floaters. There is no doubt that these floats are the perfect product for the buoyancy of your pipeline.



At temporary projects and big cases the inflatable Flootzer pipe floats are the ideal product. Buoyancy support is able with the floaters. Not only pipelines, but also cables and hoses can be kept floating. The pipe do not have to dragged accros the bottom. Leakage due to damage on the pipeline is history.

The Flootzer pipe float is available in different sizes. Our Flootzer pipe float 600 is the most common used. This floater can carry a weight up to 600 kg. For more buoyancy bigger floaters are made.

Before the pipeline floats are sold a test is done. Several elements are test to offer the customer high quality floats. Breaking or leakage of the product will be reduced due to this test.